Regelkreis einer Wälzrohranlage: Das inspect pro control Z-System berechnet aus den Bilddaten der IR-Kamera die prozessrelevanten Kenngrößen und daraus die aktuellen Regelparameter, die direkt in die kontinuierliche Optimierung des Prozesses einfließen.
Rotary kiln control system: inspect pro control Z takes image data from IR cameras and calculates the relevant characteristics to derive up-to-date control parameters which are then directly integrated into process optimization.

inspect pro control Z

Optimizing zinc yield based on infrared camera data

The inspect pro control Z system processes image data from infrared cameras which can visualize deep into the rotary kiln past the ames. It filters out disturbances, calculates the necessary characteristics of the recycling process, and optimizes the combustion process.

Enhancing the productivity of the rotary kiln

Process optimization for manual and automatic control systems

The innovative inspect pro control Z so ware system is based on research conducted at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. It has been further developed and implemented successfully all around the world since 2000.
It calculates the required characteristics and uses them to constantly optimize control of the recycling process. An optimum temperature distribution leads to enhanced efficiency and a higher zinc yield. At the same time, slag deposition inside the rotary kiln is reduced, which decreases the need for maintenance.
The inspect pro control Z system can be used to retrofit all standard waelz kiln plants. A high pro tability of the system is ensured by reduced coke consumption, higher metal yield, and extended service life as a result of reduced slag deposition.

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