We understand ourselves as a partner of both research and industry. In this way, we can develop sustainable and innovative solutions to translate latest scientific findings into industrial applications. Responsible acting to us means ensuring the functionalities of our solutions needed for reducing the consumption of resources and increasing efficiency – not more and not less. Our partners and customers appreciate fair dialog on equal footing, the objective being joint development of an optimal solution.

Collaborations result in long-term relationships to our industrial customers worldwide, who have made their plants environmentally more friendly, more resource-saving and efficient, and more profitable with our solutions.


SUEZ in Schkopau, Germany, is the latest customer to rely on process optimization in the hazardous waste rotary kiln with the successful inspect pro control H system.

ci-tec moves into new premises in the Waldstadt district of Karlsruhe in order to be able to develop in an optimal way as a company.


ci-tec opens up new fields of application and successfully conducts a feasibility study in a silicon plant in Germany.


With the complete installation of a further plant, 10 inspect pro control H systems are now successfully in use at BASF in Ludwigshafen.

BEFESA Duisburg relies on the inspect pro control Z to optimize zinc recycling in the rotary kiln


2 more inspect pro control H systems are successfully put into operation at BASF in Ludwigshafen

OPTERRA Wössingen relies on the inspect pro control C to be able to operate their cement production rotary kiln more efficiently


4 further inspect pro control H systems are successfully put into operation at BASF in Ludwigshafen


inspect pro control optimizes the use of residue-derived fuel in cement production.

ci-tec is redesigned.


Move to a larger office in Karlsruhe.



inspect successfully implements a control for process optimization in zinc recycling and is used in a second production line.


First use of inspect for zinc recycling outside of Europe.


Successful introduction of the inspect 3.0 system for hazardous waste combustion.


The newly completed inspect 3.0 offers a number of new functions and increased performance. It is based on the mature and successful code base of the 2.x versions. In February, the first installation starts operation in Mannheim.


Successful appearances at the trade fairs IFAT (Munich) and Waste-to-Energy (Bremen) make our products known to a broad international public. The 2.x version series is completed by the inspect release 2.9.


inspect 2.7 with improved functionalities is on the market.


The standard version of inspect is available in the variants of video burnout, infrared grate, and infrared kiln.


A new generation of the process software is commercialized,inspect CMV Hoven GmbH applies inspect in Ludwigshafen (Mannheim).


MARTIN GmbH applies inspect in their waste combustion facilities worldwide.


Establishment of ci-tec GmbH in Karlsruhe.