Regelkreis der Abfallverbrennung: Das inspect pro control W-System berechnet aus den Bilddaten von Brennbett und Ausbrennzone die prozessrelevanten Kenngrößen. Daraus ermittelt es aktuelle Parameter, mit denen der Verbrennungsprozess optimiert geregelt wird.
Waste incineration control system: inspect pro control W-System computes the relevant process-related characteristics from the image data measured in the burning bed and burnout zone. It then calculates current parameters needed to optimize the combustion process.

inspect pro control W

Enhancing efficiency based on infrared and video data

inspect pro control W acquires and analyzes the signals from infrared camera systems monitoring the burner bed or, as an option, from video cameras tracking the burnout zone and flame fluctuation. The system preprocesses these data to calculate the characteristics needed to optimize the waste feeding, air supply, and transport speed on the grate as well as fire power.

Increasing the effectiveness of solid-waste burnout

More homogeneous incineration thanks to intelligent process control

The innovative inspect pro control W system is based on research conducted at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. It has been implemented successfully all around the world since 2000. The system calculates up to 50 characteristics from the signals of infrared cameras or existing video cameras. These information is used to calculate and update parameters needed for controlling the combustion process, e.g. feed quantity, transport speed, fire power, and air supply. In parallel, they are transmitted to the automation system. The efficiency of the entire incineration system is thus increased, and losses in steam production are prevented reliably. inspect pro control W can be used to retrofit all standard plants. It can be integrated into both manual process control by equipment operators as well as automated systems.

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