Regelkreis der Sondermüllverbrennung: inspect pro control H erfasst und analysiert die Infrarot- Bilddaten aus Drehrohr und Nachbrennkammer. Daraus berechnet es relevante Kenngrößen und Reglerparameter, mit denen der Verbrennungsprozess optimiert wird.
Hazardous waste incineration control system: inspect pro control H analyzes infrared image data from the rotary kiln and secondary combustion chamber. This information is used to calculate the relevant characteristics and control parameters needed to optimize the incineration process.

inspect pro control H

IR-based optimization of temperature distribution and combustion behavior

inspect pro control H acquires the image data from infrared cameras which can cover all the way into the feed of the rotary kiln, depending on the spectral range. inspect pro control H then uses these characteristic values to optimize incineration process control. The new parameters are transmitted to the process control system on a cyclical basis.

Optimizing rotary kiln incineration

Increased waste throughput and more homogeneous incineration

The innovative inspect pro control H so ware system was developed in cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and industry partners. The system acquires the signals of state of the art infrared camera systems, eliminates disturbances, and calculates the necessary characteristics to optimize incineration on a continuous basis.
The system provides important data for process control optimization, such as flame status, wall temperatures, etc. by analyzing the temperature profiles in the kiln jacket, burner bed, and slag. More homogeneous incineration increases the efficiency of the equipment and the throughput while pollutant emissions are minimized. In addition, the need for auxiliary burners is reduced as well.
inspect pro control H can be applied to retrofit all standard plants provided that suitable infrared cameras have been installed. It is designed for both manually controlled systems as well as automated controls.

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