Enhanced Performance of Sensor Systems

More Efficient Sensor Evaluation – By Neural Networks

Performance of sensors improved rapidly in the past years. In parallel, requirements to be met by intelligent evaluation systems increased. These systems are used to pool the increasingly complex data of a variety of sensors and to evaluate these data in an application-specific manner. For this purpose, ci-tec has developed the “multi-sensor data fusion” method for spatially and temporarily integrated sensor evaluation by a neural network. The data are pooled in a wireless and wired manner and evaluated in real time. Using the inspect pro control software, evaluation results are stored on a central server in a user-oriented, modeled database for archiving or further use by the system. This process is applied e.g. for the intelligent monitoring of bridges. In real time, the operator is informed about the detailed stability, wear, or use intensity characteristics. Maintenance can be arranged at optimum points of time, damage can be prevented, and traffic disruptions can be reduced.