Inspect pro control W

Optimized thermal waste treatment: Increased throughput and reduced emissions thanks to optimized burnout

The goal of modern thermal waste treatment is to minimize residues while maximizing energy harvest and producing as few pollutants as possible. Due to the variable composition of the waste fractions and the resulting differences in combustion behavior, however, the fuel is often unevenly distributed on the grate, which causes fluctuating temperatures in the combustion chamber.

As a result, the efficiency of combustion and steam output are reduced, whereas emissions are increased significantly. Using inspect pro control W the signals acquired from high-performance infrared camera systems or video cameras on site are taken to calculate the necessary data to characterize the combustion process. Based on these characteristics, air supply, loader, and feed can be optimized.In this way, throughput and efficiency can be increased, pollutant formation is reduced, and the equipment’s service life is extended.

Advantages resulting from the use of our inspect pro control W

  • Increased efficiency
  • More homogeneous steam output
  • Less pollutants