Inspect pro control H

Incinerating hazardous waste more efficiently: More uniform temperature distribution within the rotary kiln

Maintaining certain temperature ranges and compliance with legal emission limits are key factors when it comes to incinerating hazardous waste in a rotary kiln. Homogeneous combustion in spite of different kinds of waste is of crucial importance. Conventional measurement technologies and control systems are hardly suited for optimizing thermal treatment of hazardous waste and coping with the different combustion properties of the waste fractions. With the help of inspect pro control H, however, major increases in the efficiency of hazardous waste incineration can be achieved by acquiring and analyzing data from high-performance infrared cameras within de ned spectral ranges. The spectral ranges can be chosen such that it is possible to see through flames and soot. Any disturbances are filtered out by the inspect pro control H system, and the relevant characteristic values needed to optimize process control are computed. Then new parameters are then transmitted to the automation system.

Advantages resulting from the use of our inspect pro control H

  • Increased throughput
  • Homogeneous combustion
  • Reduced pollutant emissions