Inspect pro control C

Fuel-Mix in cement production: Reduce costs and increase quality – based on intelligent process control

As fossil fuels become increasingly scarce and energy costs continue to rise, alternative fuels such as heavy oil, solvents, solid recovered fuels, and meat and bone meal are becoming more and more common as a substitute for oil and coal dust. This applies in particular to cement production with its high energy consumption. With the help of inspect pro control C the combustion behavior of different fuel fractions, that are subject to selective fluctuations such as calorific value, ignition behavior and varying fragment sizes can be observed online by tracking speciffc variables. Certain parameters are then derived from these data and incorporated in combustion control to optimize operations. As a result, energy costs can be signifcantly lowered while still ensuring high product quality.

Advantages resulting from the use of our inspect pro control C

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Optimized combustion
  • Better product quality